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It happened at the end of the rainy season. It was a few days after our teachers had announced that we would soon start swimming lessons in P.E.


When I got to school, the kids, who arrived early, were all gathering up in the hallway, looking down at the pool outside. I followed suit and squeezed myself amongst the crowd only to find out that the pool had been completely trashed. There were desks, chairs, toilet paper and things that were unidentifiable thrown into the pool. The last time I had looked down from the window, the pool was annoyingly clear, reminding all of us about our upcoming swimming lessons (let’s be honest here, swimming is only nice when the water doesn’t feel like ice and when you don’t have to embarrass yourself in a school swimsuit).


Seeing the trashed pool made me feel so good. Not only because we could no longer swim in it, but also because I was blown away by the fact that someone would be so stupid, insane and brave to do something that might put themselves in an awful situation.


Although it was a major damage to the school’s finance, the teachers didn’t look for the culprit, partially because they were too busy with cleaning the pool as well as figuring out the cost for re-filling it, which ended up being a lot more than you would think.


The best part was that I knew who did it. It wasn’t only me. All of us, who did know, kept it a secret from our teachers (I mean why would we tell?).


Actually, it was one of my closest friends at the time. She came to school ridiculously early to make sure she wouldn’t get caught; gathered everything together in the girl’s bathroom on the second floor; and chucked them out the window down into the pool.


The second best part was that after the teachers had cleaned the pool, she would do it again and again, and they would clean it again and again. The battle lasted until the school’s budget ran out, resulting in the cancellation of swimming lessons for that year.

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